The philosophy I pursue with Broken Light is simple. It’s the same philosophy, I think, that lead Rick Rubin to approach Johnny Cash towards the end of his career and ask, “Well, what do you want to record?”
I want to use the medium of recording to help spark the imagination of the artist and the audience. I want to find what’s special about the artist in an intimate setting and help translate that to a record. I want the artist to feel that the recording is an accurate representation of who they are in that moment.

And I want to make your best record ever.

Dave is an award winning film composer (Claire McKenna, 2018), and has worked on albums spanning a large swath of genres, from folk, to drone, to hard core. He offers mixing, producing, engineering, and digital mastering services, as well as consultations and studio musician work. For rates, please inquire via e-mail.

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Broken Light Records PRODUCTION Discography:

NAAL: Wilderlands (2013) [E/P/M/Ma]
NAAL: Compass (2014) [E/P/M/Ma]
NAAL: Chaos Monsters (2014) [E/P/M/Ma]
Families: The Way We Should Have Been (2015) [E/P/M/Ma]
Sam Arias: Growing Old EP (2015) [E/P/M/Ma]
Qajaq: The Light of Everything (2015) [E/P/M/Ma]
Naal: Time EP (2015) [E/P/M/Ma]
Crooked Forest: Work In Progress (2015) [E/P/M/Ma]
Boy RexFlying and Calling (2016) [E/M]
Kevin Schlereth: This Broken Jawbone of Our Lost Kingdoms (2016) [E/P/M/Ma]
NAAL: A703 (2017) [E/P/M/Ma]
Families: Split w/ Foxhollow (2017) [E/P/M/Ma]
Sam Arias: The End of Halcyon Days (2017) [E/P/M/Ma]
NAAL: To Catch A Falling Knife OST Remix (2017) [E/P/M]
Families: Songs from Our Land (2018) [E/P/M/Ma]
Sun Baron: How to Be (2018) [E/P/M/Ma]
Qajaq: A Canopy Above Our Endless Sky (2018) [E/P/M/Ma]
The Singing Company: III (2018) [E/P/M]
NAAL: 0-0-0 (2018) [E/P/M/Ma]
NAAL: A Bright Brilliant Death (2018) [E/P/M/Ma]
The Sacraments Project: S/T (2019) [E/P/M/Ma]
Jupiter And Beyond The Infinite: Levee Break (2019) [E/P/M/Ma]
NAAL: In Him, I Saw Me & We’re Here, We Will Die (2019) [E/P/M/Ma]
NAAL: Claire McKenna OST (Upcoming Release)
Every Day: (Upcoming Release)
Spaceships: (Upcoming Release)
Junia: (Upcoming Release)
Circle With Lines: (Upcoming Release)


*Key: E= Engineered
P= Produced
M= mixed
Ma= Mastered