The Story of the Broken Light

January 1st 2014, I rolled in to my home town of Chicago IL after several years wandering around the country, Indiana, Michigan, Wisconsin, North Carolina... All to end up back at this Second City. I came home with an idea. It was simple, but it had been following me around for years, unindulged: create an environment that helped foster art and creativity in people that deserved it. I knew people- people I could call some of my best friends- who had so much talent and heart, but that weren't plugged in to a healthy community of creative people to encourage and sustain them, or to help push them to the next level. I knew the thing that I wanted to do was big, and that a model didn't really even exist in the real world, but I knew if I didn't start doing something then, it would never happen. So, over the next year, I started making records for my friends. We learned a lot together, and as we worked, we would talk about our dreams; dreams for our art and for our community and for our futures together. It was out of these projects and late night conversations that the Broken Light was born.

In October 2014 I put out an hour long podcast episode with my friend Drew Creal talking about his music project Muir. I shared it with my friends on Facebook and Twitter. And then, the next week, I made another episode with some other friends of mine. And then the next week, another. Soon I was contacting artists I had never met but who I had great regard for, sharing stories and dreams and hardships together, and sharing those stories with a growing community of artists built around these honest, open conversations. A Kickstarter was funded, and a full year of episodes were planned. Along with that, I decided that I wanted to grow this show into the community I had always talked about. And so, with the help of a few friends, Broken Light Records was born.

We are not a traditional record label. We are not in this to get rich or become famous. We are looking to create meaningful connections with a few people who value what we are doing as much as we do. If that's you, then we want to welcome you
to the Broken Light.

-Dave Mantel, founder



Broken Light Show
Kickstarter Backers:

James Davisson
Jeffrey Wright
Jen Harris
Kay Harris
Michael Tasselmyer
Moriah Mantel
Nancy Valentin
Patrick Quigley
Sam Arias
Shawn Smucker

Andrew Tasselmyer
Andy Othling
Arielle Hope
Audrey Lee Hickman
Caleb Allan
Christy Mantel
Craig Allen
Dan Green
David Shay
Fallon Braddy
Ian Svoboda



Broken Light Records PRODUCTION Discography:

Naal: Wilderlands (2013) [E/P/M/Ma]
Naal: Compass (2014) [E/P/M/Ma]
Naal: Chaos Monsters (2014) [E/P/M/Ma]
Families: The Way We Should Have Been (2015) [E/P/M/Ma]
Sam Arias: Growing Old EP (2015) [E/P/M/Ma]
Qajaq: The Light of Everything (2015) [E/P/M/Ma]
Naal: Time EP (2015) [E/P/M/Ma]
Crooked Forest: Work In Progress (2015) [E/P/M/Ma]
Boy RexFlying and Calling (2016) [E/M]
Kevin Schlereth: This Broken Jawbone of Our Lost Kingdoms (2016) [E/P/M/Ma]
Naal: A703 (2017) [E/P/M]
Families: Split w/ Foxhollow (2017) [E/P/M/Ma]
Sam Arias: The End of Halcyon Days (2017) [E/P/M/Ma]
Families: Songs from Our Land (2018) [E/P/M/Ma]
Sun Baron: (Upcoming release)
Qajaq: (Upcoming release)
Every Day: (Upcoming Release)
The Singing Company: (Upcoming Release)


*Key: E= Engineered
P= Produced
M= mixed
Ma= Mastered