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NAAL is the surrealist, drone/rock project of Chicago native Dave Mantel. Characterized by a sonic journey taken between more traditional instrumental post-rock, and the fringe elements of ambient, noise, drone, and field recordings, NAAL is a project that wanders freely between elements of all of those genres, while juxtaposing their individual elements to create a unique sonic palate. 

Formed in 2013, now with several EP's, a full length record, and two film soundtracks released under this project, NAAL has evolved from bedroom recording experiments in emulating other artists and styles, to a more developed and mature voice that is his own. Additionally, breaking out of the "studio-project-only" idea that most artists in the genre adhere to, NAAL has developed and toured a full multi-sensory live show since the release of his full length, A703 in 2017.
Along with the future release of already completed film compositions, NAAL is planning on several more projects, both individual and colaborative, for the next year.

What people ARE SAYING:

"Exemplary... [An album narrative] with a fluid slowness like a current felt subtly beneath the ripples" -Mandala Eyes

"Very hopeless... but in a nostalgic and embracing way." -Arafura

 "These lush instrumental compositions are deceptively simple, yet the production aesthetics are rich and full of beautiful layers." -The Sirens Sound

"A piece of ambient post rock that is as heartbreaking as it is subdued." -A Year of Vinyl


Hakobune, hotel neon, William Basinski