Welcome To Our New Home...

Thanks for joining us here at the brand new BrokenLightRecords.com! Home to several amazing ARTISTS, whose music you should totally get on board with, and of course the Broken Light SHOWa podcast that I do to help support and encourage independent and forward looking artists in all kinds of different mediums.

"That's cool," I can hear you muttering to yourself, "But what kind of #content can I expect in the future from the Broken Light?" A very poignant  question, I'm so glad you brought it up! In the next few months you will see several brand new, super stellar releases coming out from our featured artists, some wearable merchandise may also appear over in the "STORE" section, and, of course, the Broken Light Show will continue to offer up new episodes every week. There are some more plans, but right now I have to keep those to myself becuause they're SO AWESOME, I don't want to jeopardize anyone's health by revealing too much at once.

From time to time I will be updating you all on what's going on with all of this stuff right here on the site. I'll also probably talk about it on the Broken Light Show because what else am I gonna talk about? Anyway, keep you eyes and ears trained here and there, respectively, for announcements concerning all things Broken Light. Until that time, ya'll keep it friggin real!